About Us

Our Directors have a combined work history in the tank cleaning industry of over 40 years. This experience gives rise to a wealth of ideas when faced with an unusual situation. Solutions can usually be found using PTS own equipment adapted to suit the site and clients requirements while keeping the project costs down.

The experienced staff employed by PTS are continuously trained and developed ensuring a low staff turnover and optimum efficiency and safety on site. Operatives are all trained, as basic, with CCNSG Safety passports, Confined Space, Breathing Apparatus most are trained to by industry standard to use HP and UHP water Jetting, Rescue, IPAF and various plant operation/driving licences. Supervisors and Team Leaders have minimum as the above but with supervisors’ level cards, IOSH and First Aid.

The support of the operations team at head office is vital to adding value to the service provided. These individuals have been working in the industry for many years, are qualified in their area of expertise and are often promoted from operatives them self’s so they have a full understanding of the methods and techniques employed on site.

Over the years investment has been made to expand and PTS are pleased to say the fleet now includes:

      Vacuum Tankers

      Alfa Laval Centrifuges (ATEX)

      Air Conveyance Technology

      Pre-Treatment Units

      High Out-Put Hydraulic Powerpacks (ATEX)

      High and Ultra High Pressure Jetting Units (ATEX)

      Hydro-abrasive Cold Cutting (ATEX)

      Manned and Non-Manned Hydro-dozers (ATEX)

     Choice of Tank Cleaning Spinning Nozzles

      Hydraulic Positive Displacement Pumps

      Non-Entry Cannon Systems

      Floating Pontoons

      Tube Bundle Lancing Apparatus

      Pipeline Decontamination System

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