Catalyst Handling

Using our vacuum equipment, all fitted with spark arrester and chalwyn valve for safety, PTS can offer a full range of material handling services for a range of industries.

The emptying and recharging of the catalyst reactors or towers can result in a significant amount of downtime if not managed correctly, the use of the correct air conveying technology with experienced operatives can reduce this time ensuring the cost of the recharge is at a minimum. Good working knowledge of the systems available is also vital as if breaking, chipping or spalling happens to either the bed/topping media or catalyst carriers in the hopper this can reduce efficiency and therefore increase operating costs over the lifetime of that particular fill of the hopper.

PTS have invested in a system for discharge and recharge of catalysts including a filter hopper for easy, safe and mess free filling of waste containers, and can offer a cost effective waste brokering service to make the process more efficient. This coupled with the diesel vacuum unit fitted with spark arrester and chalwyn valve and with a low noise level gives the safest and most efficient method of discharging the catalysts and its support media. 

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