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Anything we think you may find interesting about the work PTS carries out on oil refineries, power stations, chemical plants and tank farms across the UK and Europe.




Petrotech (PTS) are known for their services working on refineries and power stations across the UK however also carryout cleaning of non-hazardous tanks as well. ED&F Man have tank farms

PTS is pleased to state that we have been awarded a contract to de-bulk and treat the tank bottoms from 3 tanks consecutively, all of which have been storing mixed hydrocarbons.  The tanks are

Petrotech Services have been awarded the role of principle contractor for the decommissioning of a Power Station under the CDM regulation (Construction Design and Management).

Mobilisation ha

PTS have just completed a clean of a Turbine Oil tank. The oil was filtered to 2microns on pump down and once the tank was cleaned the oil was returned to the tank for use.

As well as the lab

In September 2014 we completed another 2 vessels re-charge of catalyst and associated media. 

The 2 vessels where very similar in that they had 3 layers of ceramic balls support media on

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