High Pressure Water Jetting  

At Petrotech Services we harness water versatility as a medium for cutting, cleaning and surface preparation with significant experience in oil and gas, renewables and utility sectors. 
Our capabilities include: 
Non man entry tank and vessel cleaning using 3D cleaning heads. 
Automated and semi automated heat exchanger tube cleaning. 
Jetting pumps capable of 1,000 bar at 250 litres per minute flow rates, enabling remote applications. 
Suite of ancillary equipment such as Uraka and Taurus tank cleaing heads, Table Lance and Freelance jetting systems. 
Ability to deliver significant cost effective jetting operations by reducing time, engineering and access costs. 

Product Tanks and Pressure Vessels 

We have significant experience and expertise in tank and vessel cleaning and our highly skilled teams can deliver either manual or automated cleaning capabilities as appropriate for a customer's specific project needs. 
Enclosed 3D non man entry cleaning systems reduce confined space entry risks, have greater flows and operating pressures resulting in excellent cleaning standards and lowering the safety risk. 

Heat Exchangers 

We can descale heat exchangers and associated pipeworks and remove fouling to regain full operational efficiency of clients' assets.  
We are highly experienced in cleaning all components which can help reduce the frequency of cleaning, minimise downtime and maximise plant production and efficiency. 

Equipment specifications include: 

Freelance, a flexible lance or twin lances safer for the operator and semi automated to reduce operator fatigue. 
Rigid lance systems, more powerful than freelance with rigid lances ideal for hard, solid blockages and ensuring no direct operator contact with the pressurised lance during operation. 
Filtration systems and pumps can also be added to contain residues and retain precious metal recovery. 
When preparing surfaces for inspection or new paint coatings, water jetting offers many advantages over traditional abrasive blasting including no secondary damage, contamination or profiling and is a quicker, safer, cleaner and has additional environmental benefits. 
Expert solutions designed to safely and efficiently clean all types of equipment. 

Abrasive Cold Cutting 

Petrotech own and operate an extensive fleet of jetting units and compatible specialist accessories covering all aspects of high pressure water jetting and ultra high pressure water jetting, combining high pressure water jetting with abrasive garnet we can create a powerful tool for abrasive cold cutting of steel, concrete and other composite materials. 
Cold cutting applications are important in industry with benefits including: 
Removing risks associated with hotwork activities in and around live working plant. 
Preservation of inherent metallic structures by not creating a heat affected zone. 
Reduced material loss through improved cutting widths tolerances. 
Our capabilities include: 
Fully self-contained high pressure water jetting units with cold cutting ancillaries. 
Multiple or retention cutting. 
Magnetic track systems for magnetic applications. 
Equipment designed and certified to operate in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous work areas. 
Pipe cutting rings to ensure accurate circumferential cuts. 
Environmentally friendly abrasive garnet when required. 
Savings from low water volumes. 
Our state-of-the-art cutting equipment 
can safely and efficiently cut steel, concrete and refractory 
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