Competitive and Innovative Lagoon Management Services for Heavy Industries  

Petrotech Services have significant experience in helping clients solving problems associated with the cleaning of oily sludge ponds/pools or cooling tower basins. 
Our highly skilled and experienced teams regularly carry out pond and lagoon clearances in a variety of settings. By using a range of technology, we treat the sludge / water mixture from the pond or lagoon on site, removing the sludge and allowing the water to run back into the pond. Afterwards, the sludge can be removed from site and safely disposed of. 
Petrotech systems comprise of the following equipment and approach: 
Feasibility site surveys including sample assessment, solid content, specific gravity, organic matter, risk analysis. 
Cost and time required for budget management. 
Develop a work plan and a safe system of work within the client's timeline/project. 
Obtain permits, licences and approvals necessary. 
Performance /monitoring. 
Project close and reporting. 

Innovative tailored solutions 

Many heavy industries have the need for lagoons, ponds, basins or pits for stabilising the wastewater inevitably created in the site processes. The lagoons have a variety of applications such as settling ponds for separation of solids, API lagoons for separating oil and water, aeration basins for biological process’ and also simply pits for storage of waste/slop oils. These then provide water which can then be re-used in the process on site and require maintenance on a regular basis to ensure their effectiveness. 
Depending on the purpose of the lagoon, its size and the environmental considerations Petrotech have a selection of approaches to removing the sludge which inevitably builds. 
Mounting a Molex pump on a pontoon with a fixed length suction hose is an effective method, especially if the priority is not disturbing the sludge. The pontoon is operated from the shore by hydraulic winches meaning there is no requirement for anyone on the water. 
Hydraulically operated dredger with pump can be used in most applications where agitation of the bed and the re-suspension of a small proportion of the solids is not an issue. The dredger is remotely operated is tracked along the floor of the lagoon. 
Mechanical removal (digger) is necessary where the sludge is very dense and the pond is not part of a system loop so high disturbance is not a concern. 
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