Over the years PTS have invested heavily in bespoke equipment to allow us to keep at the forefront of the market. This equipment has allowed us to offer a larger range of services giving our clients a more efficient experience as a one-stop contractor.

Whether the works are a term contract or a one off tank clean all works regardless of size or value are treated with the upmost professionalism and commitment.



Innovative Tank Cleaning

  • Hydraulically Driven Dozer

    The PTS dozer is an ATEX certified entry minimisation system for removal of heavy sludges in tanks including crude oil and slops tanks.

  • Manway Cannon Sytems

    PTS can offer the manway cannon with sludge profiling and quantification service is a remote method for mixing sludge banks.

  • Orbital Tank Spinning

    PTS have a range of rotary jet nozzles for tank cleaning with bespoke frames to ensure maximum coverage and cleanliness.

  • Sludge Treatment & Minimisation

  • Sludge Extraction

    PTS have the specialist equipment and expertise required to extract and transfer the solid heavy oil sludges.

  • Sludge Pre - Treatment

    To aid the drying the waste and the recovery of hydrocarbons PTS have a bespoke pre-treatment system.

  • Centrifuge Technology

    PTS can offer recovered oil and a dry waste after treating the sludge and passing it through a centrifuge.

  • Water Jetting

  • Surface Cleaning & Peparation

    PTS can provide High Pressure Water Jetting or Ultra High Pressure if required to clean and prepare various materials.

  • Specialist Cleaning

    Pipework, Heat Exchangers, Tube Bundles, Condensers and Fin Fans are a few of the specialist items PTS can clean.

  • Cold Cutting

    Using HP water and abrasive can cut though any surface without generating heat.

  • Associated Services

  • Renewable Energies

    Petrotech Services fulfil wind turbine blade moving and cleaning projects to the blade manufacturing industry

  • Lagoon Remediation

    Removing sludge from lagoon, basins and pit is a specialist task PTS have vast experience and options to choose from.

  • Emergency Response

    PTS can provide a professional service responding to your spills, incidents, and environmental emergencies.