Associated Services

To complement the tank cleaning division PTS can offer a total range of supplemental services:

Pipeline Decontamination

Using either a pigging system or chemical flushing system.

Waste Brokering

PTS take this to our network of oil re-processers to get a competitive price for the waste generated on our client’s sites. If the unwanted oil is above a certain standard PTS can potentially get a return on the oil. Please see Credentials for a copy of our current Carriers and Broker Licence.

Water Treatment

Occasionally PTS are asked to provide a water treatment system on its own or in addition to the sludge treatment to remove impurities from water giving the client their water back safe to go to drain.

Sampling and Quantifying

Often we find that tanks have been stood for many years and that the contents or paint composition are unknown using UKAS accredited laboratories and a suit of analysis PTS can ascertain the contents and provide a most appropriate disposal route, if our clients require it.

Lead Contamination

PTS work with tanks which have contained leaded products such as lead petrol and are fully versed in the special safety precautions required for OCTEL (Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002).

Air Conveying

PTS have the technology and experienced staff to provide a product/waste transfer using diesel driven vacuum equipment. 

Silo Cleaning

Blockages in silos happen and PTS have experience with the mechanics to unblock and clean the build-up of hardened product within them using minimal entry techniques.

Concrete Breaking

PTS can use a number of methods to cut concrete in to accurate sections for safe removal should our clients require it in hazardous areas.

All our services are carried out in the safest method available and in line with the ever changing legislation, the operators are trained for the use of the all equipment they will be using. This includes confined space, working at heights, the use of breathing apparatus (RPE) and bespoke training on the use of PTS equipment and plant.