Tank Cleaning

There are a range of different approaches to tank cleaning dependant on a number of variables however the primary concern is always to maximise safety by minimising man entry with innovative techniques. For the occasions entry to the tank is required our experienced operators are fully trained in confined space and the use of atmospheric monitoring and breathing apparatus

The first thing that needs considering is the nature of the contents; any hardening of the residue or its viscosity and therefore if any diluents or heat are required, the atmosphere created within, and also if the contents are a product and if they are to be recovered?

Next would be questions on the tank construction; what is the tank diameter, what access to the tank internals is available, are there any obstacles inside?

Our clients have a budget and/or time scale to meet and be considered. When all these things are looked at in detail the appropriate method will be chosen, our preference is always to offer the solution which is either non entry or minimal entry cleaning.

Product tanks PTS have cleaned include but are not exclusive to;


Crude Oil

Diesel/Gas Oil



Fuel Oil (Feed)           

Leaded Petrol


Cat Fines

Acetic Acid


Fish Oil           


Tall Oil





Coal Tar