Hydraulic Dozer

A hydraulically driven dozer would be selected where the residual product in the tank is viscous and/or with a high proportion of solids. If the client requests no entry or if the tank is un-safe then a remote dozer is operated from the manway and can negate the need for any entry to confined spaces. For tanks containing steam coils or other internal obstacles and this is when the dozer would be need to be manned for optimum safety, the entry time is still vastly reduced as the trained operator on the dozer can do the work of many men making light work of large diameter tanks.

Whichever dozer is the most appropriate they are both an efficient manner to move and mix tank bottoms with banks of sludge. The anti-spark blade and tracks enable the top lighter layer of liquid to combine with the sludge settled on the bottom and the blade can balance any banks of sludge throughout creating a more uniform pumpable mix and efficiently drive the sludge to the suction point.

During this process, if appropriate, the thinner diluent would be added homogenising the components to create a sludge much easier to handle.

The dozers are all ATEX certified and the diesel powered hydraulic power packs required to drive the dozer and pump are fitted as standard with Chalwyn Valve and Spark Arrestor allowing this to be used in oil tanks and the operator of the manned dozer can still wear Breathing Apparatus (RPE) during the de-sludging process. 

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