Manway Cannon Systems

The Cannon is an alternative non-entry method of mixing a diluent in to a tank with a viscous product high in solids re-suspending the settled solids. The cannon is attached to one or more manways, depending on the tanks size and number of roof manways available, the tank is then resealed and the cannon jet is operated from a purpose built container which houses all the equipment. Due to the agitation involved certain products are not suitable for use with the cannon without a means of atmospheric control in place.

All operations are carried remotely, with no need for confined space entry, from a control room within a specially designed 20ft container which also houses the generator, pump, electrical panel, hydraulic power pack and umbilical hoses in separate compartments. The tank atmosphere can be controlled by nitrogen purging or ventilation during operations and the cannon has a gas detector to automatically shut down should unsafe atmospheric conditions arise. The cannon is capable of rotating 200o in the horizontal and in the vertical giving excellent coverage and with the integrated Zone 1 light and low-light camera for operator viewing ensures a thorough clean. With this range of movement the cannon is able to point upwards meaning underside tank roof washing is able to be began at this stage and the system is capable of being modified for roof manway applications and entry.

PTS can offer a sludge profiling service prior to the use of the canon system to ensure best use of the cannon and sludge quantification.

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