Orbital Tank Spinning

The cleaning of a tank internals using an automated spinning nozzle is a preferred option and eliminates the need for scaffolding within a confined space. This method can also enable the walls and roof to be sprayed at the same time and used along with the PTS A frame there is no dependency on the number of roof manways.

Dependant on the tank size and product PTS can provide a range of sized systems all of which have a low torque rotary jet allowing them to be used with low water supply pressures. The PTS A Frame for mounting nozzles inside the tank has been designed and manufactured in house, it is designed to be dismantled to small enough components to be passed through a manway and re-assembled inside the tank. The frame is often placed in the centre to give an overall wash but it can be moved to as many positions as necessary for full coverage of large diameter tanks. The washings can be re-circulated until the desired cleanliness is reached or until product saturation is reached and can be completed with a fresh water rinse if required.

Petrotech have sound knowledge of the chemical washing agents used and have chemists on hand to look at any difficult tank residues so the correct agent is used enduring a safe, rapid and complete clean is achieved first time.

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