Sludge Treatment & Minimisation

Disposing of the oil sludge in the state it is in when removed has its problems; the client is disposing of hydro-carbons which can be recovered and reused; the additional weight of the oil is billed; plus the disposal cost is more expensive because of its presence, then of course the additional mass of this valuable oil also increases the cost of transporting the waste.

PTS can offer an on-site solution treating the waste before any transport or disposal costs are incurred. As this is our own in house equipment the cost for this along with our experienced and skilled operators makes an attractive commercial proposition, saving on sludge disposal and recovering the oil.

The system comprises of;

Pumps and pipe lines

Any heating required to keep the sludge mobile;

A dosing system, where a flocculent/polymer will be added to aid separation, this chemical will be specially selected after analysis of the sludge;

An ATEX certified centrifuge/decanter for dewatering the solids and liquids, our range of centrifuges are all designed for coping with highly abrasive contents;

And a baffle tank to effectively separate the liquid phases giving the clients back the oil ready to reuse.