Centrifuge Technology

The disposal of waste sludges can be a worry for our clients as the costs can be difficult to ascertain before the work commences. With no treatment in place very little hydro-carbons can be returned to the client and the disposal of moisture heavy solids can be expensive. For many years PTS have been offering the sensible option to dewater the sludge on site before any costly transport or disposal and have an excellent system for reducing waste and returning hydrocarbons to the customer.

The range of decanter/ centrifuges PTS can offer are all ideal for heavy lagoon/basin sludge as well as tank bottom sludges. All our equipment is designed and built for a high solid throughput and functions reliably in harsh circumstances ensuring a dependable process and is ATEX certified for use on any site/environment.

The centrifuge is designed to eject the solids (cake) at a G force speed into containers, either by a screen carrier or direct by gravity, for disposal. The liquid phase (centrate) is available to be pumped for skimming or separated via a baffle tank after which the recovered oil is returned to the client and the water is available for re-use in the clients system.

The PTS framework holding the centrifuge and other associated equipment can be matched to suit the available foot print at each site. 

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