Sludge Pre-Treatment System

The Sludge when it is extracted from the tank or lagoon is usually highly viscous due to the high percent of solids suspended in the oil and water mix. This is not an ideal state for the centrifuge to dewater the solids and liquids and so prior to this the sludge needs to go through a number of stages, the amount of treatment and type of treatment depends on the sludge and its composition. 

If heat has been used in extraction this will assist the pre-treatment unit in warming, mixing and homogenising the sludge. The unit uses steam coils on the bottom of the storage tank fed by a fully certified boiler to increase the mobility of the sludge as it warms. Mounted on the roof of the pre-treatment unit is an intrinsically safe, ATEX and EEx-d certified stirrer with stainless steel paddles which will agitate the sludge, creating a uniform pumpable composition.

At this point many sludges will also benefit from the addition of a coagulant/flocculent in line from here to the centrifuge. This chemical addition is to aid the solids separating from the liquids in the centrifuge giving a dryer centrifuge cake.  This addition is not always required however if it is found to be beneficial to the process the choice on which of the many available formulas will be made based on the unique composition of each sites sludge through analysis.

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