Water Jetting

Water Jetting or otherwise known as hydro-blasting can be used for a huge variety of applications and with the right training, equipment and PPE it is not only safe but an environmentally friendly method of cleaning, surface preparation and cutting. PTS are members of the Water Jetting Association and all our staff are trained to the industry standards and have in house training on all the company equipment.

Fully trained and compliant with legislation PTS can offer the use of Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jetting or shot blasting along with surface preparation to a range of international standards as required for the next phase of work weather this is internal tank inspection.

With a selection of specialist lances and nozzles on offer this means that we can decontaminate:


Heat Exchangers

Tube Bundles


Fin Fans

Hydro demolition

Surface preparation

Adding a quality abrasive to high pressure allows PTS to offer a hydro-abrasive cutting service for situations requiring an effective, environmentally friendly method of cutting steel without heat.