Hydro-Abrasive Cold Cutting

PTS are regularly asked to make cuts without generating heat either as part of a contract or as a standalone job to reduce the danger of hot work such as petrochemical fumes and with explosive dusts on a huge range of sites and may require improved access to a confined space or dismantlement of a tank or tower. Also if there is a situation where the danger of heat is unknown, such as a pipeline or under a tank floor, the worst case scenario needs to be assumed and safety has to be the top priority.

PTS have a number of systems for cutting each have benefits depending on the task at hand. They all work on the principle of water at pressure mixed with a cutting abrasive. This is an environmentally safe and heat free method of cutting through metals including steel at thickness up to 6 inches. Only top quality garnet abrasive is used ensuring a fast and clean cut with our experienced operatives ensuring health and safety using the equipment and of the task freeing the released part.

With the selection of cutting units, heads, nozzles and tracks available we can ensure that the combination used is suitable both for the material being cut and offer this at the best cutting time giving a time and cost saving for our clients.


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