Specialist Cleaning

PTS are able to offer a range of specialist cleaning for Pipes, Heat Exchangers, Tube Bundles, Condensers and Fin Fans.

Commonly PTS are asked to clean the pipework associated with tank cleans and there are many different methods suitable depending on the diameter of the pipes and the product which has been transferred through them. In some instances mechanical techniques such as pigging can be suitable and PTS can supply this including the full range of equipment to carry out pigging of lines of most diameters. With more stubborn products mechanical techniques will only remove a proportion of the deposits and a liquid chemical phase is required to penetrate and lift the residue once this is achieved, a ‘water-wet’ barrier is formed on the metal which minimises re-deposition. PTS use as a range of cleaning agents and chemicals dependant on the product and can customise the decontamination and cleaning service to suit.

Heat exchangers and tube bundles are historically time consuming and dangerous to clean, but using the freelance system PTS can clean these quickly, safely and with minimum contamination. The trained operative using the freelance system can clean over 200 tubes an hour and due to the waste tube, which is located in the lance handle, the waste water can be directed where required and the kick back force of the water is safely controlled. 

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