Surface Cleaning and Preparation

Cleaning is the most common use for water at pressure, known as water jetting or hydro-blasting and is used regularly by PTS in tank cleaning and in spill clean ups. A high quality result is achieved by our experienced operators who are trained as a minimum to the Water Jetting Association Standard and in addition we conduct our own training including practical training from a senior supervisor.

PTS own a fleet of jetting units including trailers capable of providing High Pressure (HP) Water Jetting, Hot Water (Hot Wash) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Jetting Units all these are fitted with Spark Arrestors and Chalwyn Valves as standard allowing them to be used on all our clients’ sites. The pressure selected will be dictated by the construction of the tank including any tank linings, the product and the finish required for the next stage.

We have a variety of lances and nozzles for use on our fleet of high pressure units, the variety means we can select the most appropriate depending on the priority, be it a wider surface area to be cleaned or a more focussed jet for stubborn products.

PTS can also use water jetting to prepare a surface ready for maintenance. There are a variety of methods available and with investigation in to the tank construction the correct method can be chosen for each client’s needs. If the tank is to be relined using linings selected to meet the needs of the tank materials and proposed contents the application can begin on the newly prepared surface and the lining, such as an epoxy resin, can be applied in a timely manner for optimum adhesion. Similarly if the externals require re-coating using specialist paints selected to fit the purpose PTS can complete the project without delay.

We work with selected partners who carry out NDT testing and we would be happy to liaise directly with them on behalf of our clients to ensure no lost time as we could be in full communication with them on your behalf.

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