Industrial Services - Tank Cleaning | Petrotech Services
  • Innovative Tank Cleaning

    PTS have experience cleaning many types of tanks and specialise in the cleaning of difficult products such as heavy oils.

  • Sludge Treatment & Minimisation

    Oil sludge treatment and minimisation using PTS centrifuge system.

  • Water Jetting

    PTS can offer a range of services using High Pressure and Ultra High pressure water jetting.

  • Cold Cutting

    Using HP water and abrasive PTS can cut though any surface without generating heat.

  • Lagoon Remediation

    Removing sludge from lagoon, basins and pit is a specialist task PTS have vast experience and options to choose from.

  • Renewables Sector

    Petrotech Services provide specialist industrial services to wind turbine blade manufacturers in the UK

The Total Service to Industry

Petrotech Services provide specialist industrial services to oil refineries, tank farms, power stations etc.

To the above, we offer tank cleaning, minimising tank bottom sludges, pipeline cleaning, minimising tank bottom sludges, cold cutting using hydro-abrasive technology, and lagoon/pond de-sludging.

Petrotech Services are also firmly established in the Renewables sector, with great expertise in wind turbine blade moving, internal & external blade cleaning.

Since establishment in 2006 the range of cleaning techniques which Petrotech Services can offer has expanded and investments are continuously being made to offer the industry’s leading technology to our clients. Well known for specialising in projects which are of a difficult nature and requiring bespoke solutions has meant Petrotech Services have evolved into one of the country’s leading industrial service provider. 

With a long history working on top tier COMAH sites across the UK, Petrotech Services have the high standard of Health and Safety these clients require and these standards are applied to all sites regardless of its size and the hazards posed giving our clients peace of mind. 

The experienced staff employed by Petrotech Services are continuously trained and developed ensuring a low staff turnover and optimum efficiency and safety on site.